1. What is Ad Posting and what is the nature of Work ?
The Job basically involves Copy and Paste work. The work is to copy the ad contents we provide and paste it in Classified websites available in the Internet.
2. Will you give us list of classified websites ?
Yes, we will give you more than 250+ classified website list for you. Classified list can be accessed and viewed only by the paid members.
3. When will i receive my Payment ?
You will be paid, once you reach the Minimum payout Rs.2500/-
4. How will i receive my Payment?
Your Earnings amount will be Paid through Cheque to your postal address or By Online Net Transfer (NEFT) to Your Bank Account.
5. Is there any Limit or Target?
No, there is no limit in posting ADs. you can submit any number of ADs daily. At the Same time, there is no Target in this job. You can submit as per your ability and there is no compulsion to work daily. You can work on your own Timings. Even if you don't work your account remains active.
6. What about Membership Fee?
Rs.800/- which is Very Low when Comparing to other Job providing Companies. Also, your membership will be Valid For six months.
7. Registration fee is Refundable or Non-Refundable?
No, Registration fee is not refundable. Your registration fee is utilised for account activation and account maintenance.
8. Referral is compulsory or not ?
No, Referral is not compulsory. It is only an additional income for you. If you want you can refer your friends or relatives. For each referral you will get Rs 50/-
9. What is the knowledge required to do this work?
Basic knowledge about using the Computer and Internet is more sufficient to start working.
10. Who can do this Job? & Where can I do this Job?
Students, Home makers, Professionals, Officers and People, those who are interested in Earning Money. This Job can be done from wherever you find a Computer with Internet Connection. You can do this from your Home, Office, Internet Center or Cyber Cafe and so on. You can work round the Clock 24X7 whenever you find time.
11. Is there any age limit to do this Job?
Yes. You need to be minimum 18yrs and maximum 50yrs to work.
12. How can I Join this Ad Posting Program?
All you need to do is Register for an Account and Start Working. To Register for an Account, click Register Now in this Website.
13. What will the Membership Account contain?
The Membership Account contains all the facilities to Start doing the Work like maintaining your profile, ad contents to be posted, classified listing for posting ads, tool to upload posted links, status updates of links uploaded, tracking system for your earnings, payment info, referral details and so on.
14. Will I be provided with a Demo to Start Working?
Yes, you will have a Demo to understand. The working procedure is very easy your job is just to post the ads in the classified websites. To see the demo Click For Demo We request you to watch the demo and understand the working procedure before joining in our website. Don't ask us how to work or how to post the ads through phone or e-mail.
15. Can I post the same ad in the same website ?
Yes you can post the same ad in the same website but you have to leave a gap of 30 days. You can post the other ads in the same website.
16. When my work will be verified ?
Your work will be verified manually by our staff it will take minimum 3 to 4 days or even maximum 15 days to verify your work. There is no need to worry about this because even we verify or not you can keep posting the ads and you can submit the posted links. This won't affect your earnings in anyway.
Just Pay Rs 800/- one time and start earning
This low price will be ending soon.