Terms and Conditions

In the information provided below, our, we, us and company refers to the griyaas Online Ad Posting Company. You, your, individual and person refers to the customer becoming a member in griyaas to do Ad Posting.

Working conditions to be followed during the course of sustainability with our Online Advertising Program.

Being a member of legally certified and well recognized organization, mandates the role maintained in a trust worthy manner and avoid any kind of unlawful activities attempted to or conducted. Any action that represents a misconduct will lead to severe disciplinary action in terms of abandonment of Job through deactivation with no prior notice. Further discussion on the same will not be entertained. Certain scenarios described in this context are generic as well as specific but not limited to the list which explains unlawful practice. Any other unfair trade practices that are considered to be of similar origin as well as other actions which are not similar to the scenarios listed but recognized by the company to be unfair will lead to severe action.

Individuals are eligible to work only if they have crossed the age limit of 18 years in order to be a major and gain the deciding capability as assumed by the Governing Body. The same is applicable to join us and start earning. The job is applicable only for age group above 18 years as on the date of registration.

At the time of registration, the company assumes that the information provided by the registrant is correct and accurate with complete knowledge and acceptance of the person. Any discrepancy or incorrectness of info provided would retain the burden with the individual registering and the company cannot be held liable for the same.

At any point, the company does not compels any individual to register and start the work. The individuals who are capable and those who have interest in earning money can register and work for us.

Registration of account and any other concerns need to be oriented only to this website. Queries on other unrelated websites and those with in comparison with other service providers will not be entertained.

Accounts registered through this website and registration fee paid to appropriate account of griyaas will only be considered for us to be liable. Any issues occurring due to mistakes during registration process would retain the liability wholly towards the registrant and no support from our side can be expected in such cases.

Registration Process needs to be followed as instructed in our website. Deviations or request for alternatives from whatever is formulated is not acceptable.

Choice of membership among the available plan is solely based upon the individual's decision requesting for the same and no interruption would happen from our end regarding the selection. Depending upon your interest and capability in earning one can select appropriate plan.

Every single individual should register only single account to become a member in our company. Multiple accounts maintained by a single person would result in disciplinary action. One user must maintain and work using only one account.

The account registered with us is not transferable. At any point, the person holding the account must not give the account to another person in exchange for money or any other kind of complements in return. You may not sub-license, assign, or transfer your work to anyone else without prior written consent from us. You should not redistribute or resale your membership area to others without prior written consent from us.

Registration fee is Not refundable . Your registration fee is utilised for account activation, account maintenance and for administrative expense.

The Login details provided to you ought to be maintained confidential. Do not share your account credentials with other people. The user-name and password is provided to the person who had requested for an account in our company. Only that particular person has the complete rights to access our data center through the membership account.

Multi-users for single account is strictly prohibited. Many persons working with the same membership account is never allowed. The person who registered for an account alone has the authority to gain access for our membership area. Any misconduct found in this regard will guarantee you being subjected to disciplinary action.

Usage of unfair, harassing, annoying, unparlimentary words, images and ill-mannerism of communication with the company through any mode as well as employing the same while updating data in membership account or at work will result in strict action taken against the individual.If continued your acount will be terminated witout any refund.

The guidelines provided for posting the ads must be followed in an accurate manner. Following the step-by step procedure and posting in correct format needs to be followed all the time. Erroneous data inclusion or unnecessary data being incorporated in the ads is not acceptable. The ads will be considered invalid.

Only the ads provided by our company are eligible for credits. Miscellaneous links that represent irrelevant information will not be taken into account. Ads provided and available in your membership account alone are acceptable. Do not include or exclude any information while posting the ads. Retain the originality of the ad.

Ad Posting should be done as guided by the classifieds in which they are posted. Follow the instructions provided in every classified and complete the posting activity in a right manner. Do not skip any step or instructions to avoid the posting becoming invalid.

The approval of the ads will be done only by the company or the company's representatives. The decision regarding the status updated will be considered to be final and binding only from our end. The Company owns the complete right over the time interval taken to update or to withhold the status of approval for ads The ad must be posted as per the requirements provided in order to consider it to be valid. Ad referencing through the ad id needs to be maintained correct at the time of uploading.

The membership account is provided over the expectations of having minimal efforts being put in to act as per our program designed, specifically to ensure your success. The ability to make it positive depends upon the individual. We can only guarantee the success for individuals who incorporate atleast minimal efforts with a motive to achieve their goals. Dormant accounts are allowable to remain active only for a semi-annual period from the date of becoming effective. We guarantee sure success for people who are really interested to work and earn money. A prudent person will be able to gain credits equivalent to at least one third of the payment fee made to the company over a month. Half yearly revisions would be performed for every account on prorated basis to evaluate the existing system of operations in comparison with the expected practical conditions, in which a prudent person would have performed as described above. Any variance observed due to not being up to expectation will conclude the account of being dormant, while those meeting the expectations will be able to sustain through with continuity of service.

Payment of the earnings accumulated will be made on a weekly basis. The payment will be issued through Cheque or NEFT(Online Bank Transfer). Cheque will be sent to your postal address mentioned in the membership account profile or Bank Transfer as details which is given by you in the membership account. Request for other modes of payment will not be entertained. The issuance of payments happens during every week of every month on friday. If not, the concerned person may contact or write to the company inquiring about the same.

Referral payment: There is no minimum amount fixed for Referral amount.Once you reached the minimum payment of Rs 2500/- by earning through link submission through adsubmit menu in your account membership area, you will recieve your payment along with that your referral amount will be included.

The plans are designed in order to help you earn maximum out of our packages provided. The rate plans and specific packages may be revised without prior notice depending upon the conclusion the company arrives at. The changes may be due to internal or external factors impacting the existing system of operations within the company.


a) You should give the ad title description and website name clearly. We will reject the link incase if you fail to enter the ad details properly given by us.

b) We will be providing the training for posting in classifieds through Video demo and we are not responsible if you are not able to understand the work by seeing the demo. You have to follow the instruction accordingly to the demo and you have done the work accordingly to the demo.

c) We will give demo for only one classifieds whereas you have to understand the concept and you have to post in other classifieds. Sometimes the classifieds will be entirely different from the one which is displayed in demo. You have to register in classifieds if it asks for registration.

d) You may get the confirmation link or Ad link immediately after posting or may through email. Sometimes you can get it after 24 hours or later. We are not responsible incase if you miss the confirmation link or Ad link from classifieds. We are also not responsible incase if you do not get any confirmation link or Ad link from the classified website since we don't have any relationship with any classifieds.

e) While submitting the links in your member area you have to give the proper Ad Reference number. Links submitted with wrong Ad Reference number will be deleted. It will be explained with Member Area demo. Ad reference number will be in your "Ad Content list"

f) In a Single classified you can post the Ad only for one time in a single day and you should give a Gap of 30 days to post again in same classifieds. Since while posting ads in each classifieds they will record your IP address. Some classifieds will allow single posting from a single IP. So to generalize for all classifieds and to protect our advertiser you cannot post even the different Ad content in same classifieds for 30 days. You can post in that same classifieds after 30 days.

g) While verifying the links we have entire rights over the verification. We will provide you the entire report for the links within payment@griyaas.com days from the time of submission. Sometimes link verification may get delayed due to local or national holidays. You can send Email to us in case if we wrongly verified your links so that we will check it once again and we will re approve.

h) We will provide only few classifieds for example. Whereas you should search in Google to get more classifieds. We are not responsible if you are not able to search more classified website.

i) The minimum link amount and minimum payment threshold will vary from time to time.

j) You should not out source your work to neither other individuals nor a team to get results. Incase if we find that we will terminate your account without any re fund.

Ads posted in the classifieds should have all the fields represented after posting. Whatever information had been provided along with the ad must be utilized at the time of posting. Any discrepancy between the ad posted and the ad provided will conclude the ad to be invalid. Ad sections like title, description, contact info, location, etc need to be appropriate. Location listed with the ad must be correctly mentioned while posting. All ads are to be posted within the geographic location of the ad provider. Do not miss any field among the ads.

Select appropriate category listed in the ad content while posting ads. In case the category for a particular ad is not listed, kindly avoid that website and post the ads in other website where you can find the appropriate category. Follow the same restriction while choosing sub-category as well. If you don't find the category that is listed, just move on to next one for posting.

Validity:Once your validity is expired your account earning value , link submitted and referral amount will all be reset to zero automatically. You can renew or extend your account validity by paying the registration fee again.
Terms and Conditions
"Terms and Conditions" can be changed as per company requirements at any time. Before starting work please clear all your doubts later on dispute related to above mentioned points will not be entertained.
If any matter concerning the purchase of products from this website or contents of this website shall be brought before a court of law, the viewer, visitor, member, subscriber or customer agrees to the sole and proper jurisdiction to be the state and city declared and provided on this website unless otherwise here specified. Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
We reserve the right to change or modify these terms with no prior notice. All visitors and buyers are advised to review this web page from time to time to keep themselves abreast with any changes with regard to the terms of use on this website.